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[17 Nov 2005|08:23am]

"I'll be back soon." I told Cordelia right before I left to go stop these vampires from killing a family. I raced through the streets to find this gas station.

I almost missed the gas station at first, and then found my way back, just in time to see the vampires attempting to corner the family. I attacked one, knocking him to the ground. The others then attacked me.

Cordelia was right, these vampires are more vicious than the ones I usually fight. I told the family to run as I fought them. They threw me into the gas pumps and a car. I managed to dust one, but that left at least three more. The gas station employee tried to come out and was nearly attacked. I saved him and he ran back into the gas station.

It took awhile, a lot of fighting, and I wondered if I was going to beat them when I got an idea. I ran into the gas station and threw a twenty on the counter, demanding the clerk turn on pump number two. I also grabbed a lighter and ran back out as the vamps tried to come in after me.

I managed to get them back outside and sprayed them gas from pump two. Then I took the lighter and lit them on fire. All three screamed and burned up. I lost the lighter too, nearly getting myself caught on fire. I had to roll on the ground to get the fire off of my arms.

I managed to get myself back to my car and I just lay there a moment, in pain from the cuts and bruises that were already beginning to heal, but some were deep, and were going to take longer. Plus, the arms of my shirt and jacket were burned and some had hit my skin. At least they're dead. Now all I need to figure out is how they were so much stronger than normal vampires.

And dammit, I was getting blood on my leather seats. I started the car and headed back to Cordelia's place. I parked it and got out, staggered to the door and then realized I didn't have a key to get in. I knocked on the door, and then tried to hold myself up waiting for Cordelia to answer.

[Open to my lovely Cordelia, please answer the door before I fall to the ground!]
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[03 Oct 2005|06:34pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Breakfast was nice. Angel made pancakes, because...well...I only had pancake mix in my house. We have to do some definite food shopping tonight.

Anyway, I made him some nice o-positive and we just talked about everything. Having Angel around, was becoming a good thing, more and more, everyday. He's opened up so much lately, and he's been a complete gentleman.

Every now and then, I catch him looking at me. I wonder if he knows that I stare at him, too. God, what if he looks at me, because he can sense that I was daydreaming about him? That would be total and utter embarrassment! I have to start controlling my daydreams, before his senses kick in.

It was twelve-thirty, now. We both sat on the couch and watched VH-1 all morning. There was literally, nothing to do.

I felt bad. We should totally be working, and we haven't got a call in so long. I actually missed researching and answering the phone. Hopefully, we get some business and soon. Even a little mission. We need something. Angel would soon go crazy and he'll turn into a couch potato that watches soap operas all day. At least I can go out for some sun, during the day. Angel can't. He would have no other choice but to stay in and watch TV. Unless, he decides to read one of the many boring books on my bookcase.

Wow, my thoughts shifted from talking about breakfast to wondering what Angel would eventually do, if we don't get a phone call soon. I really need to get a life, myself.

I looked over to Angel. I caught him looking at me, again. I smiled, brightly. "Was there anything that you wanted to watch? I mean, there's not much to do right now." I looked down and played with my fingers. Then, I looked up at him. "I'm sorry business is so slow. I wish there was something I could do."

I really hope I didn't make him feel any worse.


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[15 Aug 2005|06:25am]

The office is gone, charred to crisp. Which means I have no home...well of my own, that is. Cordelia said I could live with her for awhile, and I accepted. I slept on the couch when I needed to, and partially ran Angel Inc out of there. I was still searching for another place for my office because I hate to do this to Cordelia. I haven't found anything yet. I almost found one place, but then there was a nest of vampires in the room next to it, and once we were done, well, there was nothing left of the original space I found.

I can't complain about living with Cordelia, though sometimes the sexual tension runs high. Like the other day, when I came out of her shower and she was standing there, fully clothed of course and me just in a towel, wet from the shower. It was kind of awkward, and I could feel her looking at me and her level of arousal raising. Stupid vampire powers. They only make an awkward moment of sexual tension even worse. I said hello to her, grabbed my clothes off of her bed, and then went back into the hot bathroom to change.

If it wasn't for my curse, we wouldn't have a problem. I know she's attracted me and I am so very attracted to her. I mean, she's got a great body, gorgeous long brown hair, come hither eyes, and a personality that sparkles. I've never told her this, but as much as I act lilke she annoys me at times, I'm so very glad to have her around. She reminds me of why I fight so hard for truth and justice. And sometimes, when I've had a bad day, just being in the same room with her cheers me up. I guess maybe I should tell her, let her know she's appreciated. Sometimes I wonder if she knows that.

This morning, as usual, I'm up before she is. I don't sleep much, don't have a real need for a whole lot of sleep, and I like to watch her sleep. She's so at peace, like at least in her dream life everything's perfect and she's the happiest she can be. Sometimes she has a not so good dream, and her face contorts and she mutters, but soon she's back at that peaceful state, her chest slowly rising up and down, and I know she's okay. The visions take out so much of her sometimes, that sleep is the only time she seems to have any peace. I usually make breakfast for her in the morning, sometimes lunch and dinner too. I don't mind giving her a break she needs, especially after a bad day of visions.

I continue to watch her, sort of wishing I could be in that bed with her, holding her, listening to her heartbeat since I don't have one of my own. But then I remember the damn curse, and so there I sit, in the chair by her bed, hoping she stays asleep just a little bit longer.

[Open to my lovely sleeping beauty Cordelia]
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